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Bariatric surgery is a very complicated and involved procedure that takes a lot of preparation, medical oversight and a long recovery process. However, for those suffering from obesity, this procedure can be one of the most important treatments in the world. According to the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery, a majority of those who undergo the treatment are able to maintain successful weight-loss in the long run. In fact, self reports indicate that most patients are able to lead healthier and more quality lives. Here are the top bariatric apps to ensure your post surgery routine is successful.


As the name of this app suggests, Baritastic is a fantastic aid for bariatric patients. In fact, it is claimed to be the #1 app for bariatric patients. A quick review of the included features will quickly justify this claim. This app includes water and nutrition tracking so users can keep track of their caloric intake. Users also receive reminders about medications, vitamins, meals and more. Baritastic also includes a BMI index chart and other helpful information. Most importantly, this app connects users with a bariatric social support group and specific bariatric resources.


One of the most important post-surgery factors is hydration. Because individuals lose considerable amounts of weight during bariatric surgery, their bodies aren’t able to keep up naturally. A lot of water is lost along with all of weight. For this reason, patients must ensure they are receiving adequate amounts of water. Furthermore, water is a great alternative for soda and other unhealthy drinks that may promote weight gain. The Waterlogged app is a great resource for helping track water intake. It is free in the basic version but can be upgraded to include graphs. Water can easily be recorded by taking photos of your cups.


Fooducate seeks to provide users education about the food they consume. This is critical for bariatric patients who must be very careful about what is consumed. Fooducate has the ability to scan almost any barcode to reveal what contents are inside the particular food. The most useful feature for bariatric patients is the app’s ability to display bespoke warning signs. Users can setup Fooducate to display certain customized features such as protein concentration, sugar amount, presence of glucose and more. This is an important feature for those who want to avoid or consume more of a particular ingredient.

My Diet Coach

My Diet Coach is described as weight-loss made fun and easy. This application provides several useful and motivational features that can help bariatric patients maintain consistent weight-loss after surgery and in the future. Users can set their own goals and My Diet Coach will help them achieve them. This app includes several motivational features in the form of uplifting quotes, visual weight tracker, inspirational photos, common tips for weight loss and more. My Diet Coach will keep track of caloric intake and exercise routines. The simple form of the app is free but upgrades can be purchased.

Happy Scale

Although this is the simplest app in the list, Happy Scale is still incredibly useful. Happy Scale works to break down the daunting task of weight-loss into smaller goals. Furthermore, this app will help bariatric patients to effectively track their weight-loss every step of the way. Users simply input their current weight and goal weight. Instead of showing daily ups and downs, Happy Scale shows a linear graph displaying a user’s weight loss over time. This is a great source of motivation for those who need to see results in order to continue. This app is completely free and easy to use.


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