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Rated 5 stars

This is the best bariatric vitamin that I have taken. No bad taste and it doesn’t cause nausea!

Pamela O.

Just One 30ct. – Bariatric Multivitamin with Iron

Chewy Peanut Butter Bars!

Rated 5 stars

I love them! So filling and packed with protein! Takes care of that craving for sweets! Can’t live without them!! 10 stars!!!

Lisa F.

Caramel Nut Protein Bar


Pouch reset

Rated 5 stars

I really loved this it really saved me. I could not see the scales move in so long, and let old habits come back in to my life. I am a really big snacker, Chips are my thing. But when I did this I had no reason to snack. So I am really encouraging if any one is in a stall this REALLY works. First day back on my own. The recipes are really good and helpful.

Elizabeth R.

Breakfast Variety Pack


Overall rating 4.5 out of 5

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Just One Chewable: Once-Daily Bariatric Multivitamin

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