Life After Bariatric Surgery – Bariatric Surgeon and Registered Dietitian Discuss Vitamin Supplements and Other Necessary Changes

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The developer of Bari Life Bariatric Supplements, Dr. Stephen G. Boyce, and Registered Dietitian Ciara Csanadi House, MS, RD, LDN, explain the lifestyle and dietary changes required to ensure success after weight loss surgery.

Knoxville, TN – Dr. Stephen G. Boyce, the founder of Bari Life Bariatric Supplements, has extensive experience performing weight loss surgeries to treat patients suffering from morbid obesity. The Knoxville bariatric surgeon, who is also the Medical Director of The New Life Center for Bariatric Surgery, and Registered Dietitian Ciara Csanadi House, recently discussed some of the lifestyle and dietary changes necessary for many patients after choosing to undergo bariatric surgery.

Dr. Boyce and Ciara note that patients often need additional vitamin and mineral supplements after certain types of bariatric surgery procedures because it is much harder for their bodies to absorb the nutrients they need in their diet alone. Without supplements, nutritional deficiencies can develop, which can lead to serious health conditions. “Depending on the surgery and individual person, most patients will need protein supplements the rest of their lives to meet their protein needs. Vitamin/mineral supplementation is crucial for long-term health and wellness,” Ciara explains. After some types of weight loss surgery, she says, there is a reduced surface area for absorption of vitamins and minerals, which makes it important for patients to be compliant with their vitamin regimens in order to avoid severe health risks.

Ciara says not eating too rapidly and avoiding beverages with meals are two of the most common behaviors that patients find challenging after surgery. While most patients at New Life Bariatric Surgery adapt well to new health and nutrition requirements after surgery, Ciara notes, “If a patient is not committed to making lifestyle changes and changing their relationship with food, they will not adapt well and will not be successful with long-term weight loss.”

Ciara believes that, once New Life’s patients eliminate junk food from their diet, they begin to enjoy high-protein, healthy foods after surgery. While a small piece of birthday cake or something similar is not completely outlawed for many patients, Ciara says individuals who adapt well to new habits after surgery are typically smarter in their food choices and more aware of the nutritional content of certain foods.

Dr. Boyce advises patients talk to an experienced weight loss surgeon about their options, as well as how they can successfully adapt to new vitamin, mineral, and diet regimens once they have undergone a bariatric procedure.

About Stephen G. Boyce, MD

Dr. Stephen Boyce is a bariatric surgeon and the head of the New Life Center for Bariatric Surgery. He is also the founder of Bari Life Bariatric Supplements. Dr. Boyce earned his medical degree from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School. He completed his surgical residency at the Parkland Memorial Hospital. Dr. Boyce holds a Masters Certification in Bariatric Surgery and has received special training in advanced laparoscopic surgery. He has over 20 years of experience and has performed thousands of surgical weight loss procedures. Dr. Boyce is available for interview upon request.

About Ciara Csanadi House, MS, RD, LDN  

Ciara Csanadi House is a Registered Dietitian who holds her master’s degree in Nutrition from the University of Tennessee. She is a licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist in the state of Tennessee, and is part of the bariatric team at New Life Bariatric Surgery. Ciara works in a number of nutrition areas, including adult weight management and clinical nutrition.

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