Instant Chocolate Protein Drink Bottles

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Fill it, shake it, drink it, toss it! Bari Life’s Instant Chocolate Protein Drink Bottles are your “on-the-go” solution for diet compliance before and after bariatric surgery. (1 bottle)

Bari Life Instant Chocolate Protein Drink Bottle

A chocolate drink without the sugar and with the protein you need! Too good to be true? Not at all and it’s ready in seconds with Bari Life’s ready to shake Instant Chocolate Protein Drink Bottles. Each bottle has 15 grams of protein plus vitamins and minerals, so you can use it as a meal replacement or a snack. It tastes so good and is so satisfying, you’d never guess it only has 80 calories!

For those times when you need protein now and need a convenient choice, Bari Life Instant Chocolate Protein Drink Bottles can help. It’s all there, so you don’t even need to find a blender bottle. Just add cold water and shake. Nothing could be easier! Suitable for the Pre Op and Post Op Liquid Diets, Solid Foods, Weight Loss, and Maintenance diets. Also a great choice for gastric sleeve, gastric bypass, duodenal switch, and gastric band patients.

These chocolate drinks are an essential addition to the diet routine of any person with a busy lifestyle. Who doesn’t love chocolate?! This traditional chocolate delight will curb your chocolate craving any time of day! This best seller is a must-have for dieters who want the taste of chocolate without all of the calories, fat, and sugar.

Product Highlights:

Low Calorie – 80 calories per serving
High Protein – 15 grams per serving
Low Fat – 1 gram per serving
Low Carb
Ready in Seconds
Handy Disposable Bottle